Saturday, 3 October 2009

My first blogger posting

This wont be happening too often, but I thought that with all the interest in Blogger and the addition of a css only dropdown menu system, I would test this out and see how easy it would be to adapt one of my menus to work with Blogger.

So here it is. A dropdown/flyout menu using just CSS and HTML. Hope you like it


  1. Hello Stu,
    I'm running a blog specilising in Blogger tips and hacks, and a big fan CSSPlay (the website). It would be a great help if you could allow me to use this dropdown for my tutorial. The tutorial will avail the code to for my readers to copy. Of course your copyright notice will be left intact, and I will provide a link to credit

  2. The idea behind this site was to show visitors how they could add a css only dropdown/flyout menu system to their site, so I will be posting this information shortly.

  3. Hello again,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I have the code and know how to use it. I just need your permission to post the code in my blog, if that's possible.
    Thanks again

  4. As long as it is made clear that a CSS play support donation is required for the use of this menu and the copyright comment is kept in the stylesheet.